Civil & Steel Structure Work

Core Business of GMC is to provide works with well-managed, fast trade, quality and safely executed civil and structural work since our establishment. Our work scope include:

  1. Reinforced concrete foundation
  2. Underground & above ground pit or liquid contain
  3. R.C. structure and R.C. pipe rack
  4. Tank foundation
  5. Ware house
  6. Temporary facilities
  7. Process area civil
  8. Electrical of piping trench
  9. Road work
  10. Other favor civil and infrastructure work

Yearly capacity of works priority is 12,000m^3 for oil and gas plan. Steel capacity with in-house constructor 2,000 ton per year.

Manpower, Tools & Material Supply

With intensive experience from previous projects. GMC are able to provide various trade of workforce to perform various task and able to supply up to 500 skill iron and skill personnel.

Piping & Mechanical

Together with GMC involve with large project, GMC accumulate following experience and successfully executed GMC are proficiency for fabrication and installation piping work include following:

  1. Underground piping – Fireworks Line, COC, AOC, FOC and others.
  2. Aboveground piping – All sort of piping fabrication and installationGMC able to core with 80,000 dia-Inch fabrication per year and create of 20,000 to 40,000 dia-Inch per year.